On the non-monotonocity of the denominator of the sum of consecutive (generalized) unit fractions

I indeed merged the two articles mentioned in the two previous posts, into one glorious piece of awesome, if I may say so. I rewrote almost everything, gave new definitions, found better proofs, made more lemmas, etc. etc. I even changed the title. So now I’m waiting for some feedback from my thesis advisor, and then I can resubmit On the non-monotonicity of the denominator of the sum of consecutive (generalized) unit fractions to Integers: The Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory 🙂

Edit: under heavy influence of MathOverflow (those guys are awesome), I wrote an introduction for my paper. The above version is updated.

Edit2: Although I didn’t get any feedback from my thesis advisor, I resubmitted! The waiting can begin.

Edit3 (05-12-2012): My paper got accepted!! The Referee Report was quite positive, actually. It asked me to change, out of 23 mathematically dense pages, exactly one letter. The above version is, probably, the final version.


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